Because I don’t have a spanish keyboard.

When I was hired I was given with a latin american keyboard, but after I moved to USA my computer (with Windows 10) started to use the hard disk a lot, some days for 99% of the capacity for hours. My guess is that was swaping, but disabling/tweaking the some Windows settings didn’t fix the issue. So instead of spend more time troubleshooting, I got a new computer, HP again with Windows 10, more RAM, better processor but with an us-english keyboard.

So I started a blog and because I don’t have a spanish keyboard I write this in english. I mean it. Write in spanish without accents is painful to me, it didn’t feel good, and I could not find a way to do it fast … yet.

On the otherside, write in english for me it’s a challenge, because it’s not my native language, and to be honest I’m not good. But I’ll improve, and I think this is an excellent way to do it. However, I can recognize it’s a little selfish, at the end the audience of this blog it’s the latinamerican people. So for now, deal with it, try to read it, improve your skills, I hope soon I can do the spanish version of this blog. Just as Superholly.

But not now, not today.